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WISS GmbH + Co. KG is located in southwest Germany, in Baden-Württemberg, very near to Freiburg in Breisgau.

We have been involved in the preparation and conversion as well as overhaul and modernisation of used fire vehicles, since 1987. The vehicles are equipped to customer requirements, and thus become a low-cost alternative to an expensive new vehicle, for every fire brigade. 

In 2005, we expanded our range of services to include new body building on used truck and van chassis, as well as body building for new vehicles. Since 2006 this has also been our main focus.

Each vehicle is custom-made and meets technical firefighting regulations, as well as statutory and DIN standards.

Our clients include company and works fire departments, and volunteer fire brigades in domestic and overseas markets as well as the German Red Cross and mountain rescue services and other emergency services such as THW, DLRG.

On 1 August 2015, we became part of the WISS Group, a globally active industrial concern involved in fire engine construction.

The Herbolzheim location has been established as the sales and production facility for the entire German-speaking region. Similarly, the entire process from quotation to final delivery and after service is based here. 

The Story of WISS GmbH & Co. KG

1987 - 2015

The Thoma Fire Engine company was founded on 1 September 1987. The objective was to establish a trading and repair business for all types of firefighting vehicles. The company founder, Michael Thoma, is a qualified master vehicle mechanic, and until then had worked in sales at the fire engine builder Gebrüder Bachert of Bad Friedrichshall. Thoma was spurred on to this step when his employer came into financial difficulties in early 1987. Initially, a small commercial unit was rented in Reute in the Emmendingen district, which served for both parking vehicles, and for carrying out various tasks. At the time, the small office was located at the home apartment in Emmendingen. It soon became apparent that these premises where a restriction on the rapid upward growth of the business start-up. So Michael Thoma started to look for an appropriate larger location. 
Fortunately a large hall with offices was found, and the new business premises in Waldkirch in Breisgau were acquired in September 1988. Assuming that this would be sufficient for the upcoming years, the workforce was increased from 2 to 4 employees. But after only 3 more years, the lack of space was once again becoming apparent and the search for new options started again. As suitable premises at reasonable terms could not be found, the Thoma company built a new workshop and showroom with offices and staff facilities in Kenzingen im Breisgau. 
Now with 6 employees, relocation took place on 1 September 1992. Over the next few years the premises were constantly being extended and remodelled to keep pace with the continuous upward trend in business. 
By 2005 the number of employees had increased to 30. Growing demand from customers at home and abroad made it necessary to expand the product range: from a purely used vehicle business to a full-range supplier. The premises in Kenzingen covered 10,000 m², but the workshops had inadequate space for the staff of 30, and Thoma was forced to consider expanding the company again. This was not feasible at the present site, but after a short search suitable premises were found in the neighbouring town just 2.5 km from the existing location. 
The town of Herbolzheim had exactly the required halls and land available at the former main army administrative HQ.  Thoma purchased 29,000 m² of land and 9,000 m² of halls, workshops, offices and staff rooms. The new space was ready for moving in after nine months of renovation. The new premises in Herbolzheim were occupied on 1 September 2006. The structure of the facilities now allows optimum operating procedures, which also enables larger quantities in the process. The current location also offers the opportunity for further expansion.  The company's success is due to the high level of expertise and the associated customer oriented advice provided. We also attach great importance to highly skilled specialist workers that meet the high demands of our customers. 
Since early 2015, we have cooperated with WISS Wawrzaszek ISS, in Bielsko-Biala Poland, one of the leading manufacturers of fire engines in Poland and Europe. On 1 August 2015, Thoma became part of the WISS Group, a globally active industrial concern involved in fire engine construction. With the acquisition of the company, the founder and owner Michael Thoma went into well-deserved retirement at the age of 65. The familiar and long-term quality and expertise of the team remained and with the pursuit of continuous development and improvement, fire services continue to receive our products under the new management. Due to the large national and international growth potential, the acquisition of the company should strengthen our position in the market and grow market share in the longer term. The Herbolzheim location has been set up as the sales and distribution and production facility for the entire German-speaking region. Similarly, the entire process from quotation to final delivery and after service is based here.